Monday, October 6, 2008

What is Breathe and blossom ?

H E A L T H: A wholeness, In which no functions of the body are felt. Flexible body. Free respiration. Glowing face. Overall warmness. Great, regular heartbeat. Restful sleep. Tranquil mind. How do you feel? The sense of balance that we experience when we are healthy is both empowering and soothing. We can’t always express what we need to capture that feeling, but we do know when we need something! The first positive step towards seizing that feeling of peaceful balance is to make the decision to take some time for you. Perhaps for some well deserved Healing Touch Therapy. Communication is the key. Discover the perfect blend of therapies that will get you back to that equanamous state. Melissa provides a confidential, personal, and professional environment for your rejuvenating session that will leave you feeling like yourself again. Plan a single session, or a series. Melissa is committed to help you find the best of therapeutic options to lead a better, healthier, and energized life.

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