Friday, October 17, 2014

Today, it's about Yoga

Calling all Toronto Yoga Teachers !
Mr. Gert Van Leeuwen, of Amsterdam (, will be personally attending the The Yoga Conference and Show April 2015. Come by the C.A.T. booth to meet Gert and learn how the healing effects of his Critical Alignment Yoga (through sequencing, therapy and props) is both therapeutic and meditative.
Get a personally signed copy of his book: 
YOGA CRITICAL ALIGNMENT Building a Strong, Flexible Practice through Intelligent Sequencing and Mindful Movement, and learn how his one-of-a-kind props aid in mobilization techniques and can break through movement restrictions and restore mobility.

I am proud to be representing C.A.T. in Eastern Canada. Contact me for more information and keep an eye out for his Workshops and Teacher's Training soon!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Picture Yourself Here

A wholeness, In which no functions are felt.
Flexible body.
Free respiration ~~ Glowing face.
Overall warmness
Great, regular heartbeat ~~ Restful Sleep.
Tranquil Mind
The sense of balance that we experience when we are healthy is both empowering and soothing.
We can't always express what we need to capture that feeling, but we do know when we need something!
The first, positive, step towards seizing that feeling of peaceful balance is to make the decision to take the time to set aside for yourself, a treatment of neccesity.
Perhaps for some well-deserved and rejuvenating Healing Touch Therapy.
Communication is the key. Melissa will help you to discover the right blend of therapies that will help you achieve the return to an equanamous state of being.
I offer you a confidential, personal, and professional environment for your rejuvenating session that will leave you feeling like yourself again.
Plan a single treatment, or a series.
My commitment is to help you find the best of therapeutic options to lead a better, healthier and energized life.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Setting a Healthy Intention Today

February mornings are hard to greet. However, the dark early hours are the best time to rise so that we can wind up our internal sunshine with a morning yoga flow. This morning sequence will guide you into setting your intentions of how your day will begin. Wouldn't it be nice to have control of that for a change? BEFORE the kids, BEFORE checking your e-mails, BEFORE getting into the traffic or subways, and BEFORE your attetion is demanded from others. Most of you are saying, "Ya, right, Melissa. I can't get up until I have my morning coffee!" Do yourself a favor and just try it. Plan on unrolling your mat the night before. Get a cup of tea ready before you practice, if you like. Have a few warm sips and take a few deep breaths. IMPORTANT: Turn on your computer but DO NOT CHECK YOUR E-MAILS....go straight to the following link. (this is only one of many short yoga sequences to greet your day....feel free to try others. This one is wonderful and a little new for beginners...trying something new first thing in the morning can make you SMILE) I'd like to hear from you. Let me know how you did. Have a wonderful day. Namaste. Breathe and blossom NEW** I have changed locations! Please see my profile for details to find me at EKA Health Clinic.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Beautiful Mantra

I am happy even before I have a reason. I am filled w light, even before the sky greets the sun or the moon. Dear Companions, We have been in love with the divine for so-very-very-long... What can we now do but forever dance. - dance with our bodies and with each other. (unknown author - this quote was shared by a sweet Yogini by the name of Clara Roberts-Oss , via her live-stream video "Groovy Hips Vinyasa", found on Breathe and blossom, Melissa

Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Dad always said " Wash your feet!"

Every night before bed my Dad would say, "Goodnight, Melissa. Don't forget to wash your feet!" Part of it was an inside joke but really, he meant it! Dirty feet alway disgusted him. After today, I have just had enough of looking at tired, calloused, and black feet in those disgusting cheap flip flops. UGHH! I was downtown returning from a great day at the beach, revering in the amazing warm breeze off the water, when I glanced down next to me; there was a clean-cut guy standing beside me who had the grungiest feet that I've seen in while! I was tempted to instruct him on scrubbing and disinfecting secrets but I decided against it. "Mind your own business" I muttered to myself, and regale your tips to those who may actually care! Our feet carry us through the day in many a grungy places. Especially now, wearing flip flops, sandals, and even going around bare foot both inside and out, we carry layers of dirt, pollution, bacteria, and fungus all the way into our beloved homes and into our beds! YUK, right? As important as washing our hands during the Influenza/Flu season, washing and caring for our feet should be your priority this season. EVERYONE benefits from a foot scrub and soak. Tired & sore feet, dirty feet, swollen ankles and feet, pretty feet, smelly feet, Pregnant feet, Young and Old....try it. You'll love it. And, don't forget about following up with a lotion foot massage afterwards! First off, take a good look at your feet. Top and bottom. Take note of blisters, sores, dried gum (yes, that happens), moles, callous, ripped skin, redness, etc. If you notice anything that you don't recall you had any responsibilty of inflicting, please see a foot specialist (Podiatrist or Chiropodist) or your family doctor. Tis the season for Athletes Foot, Fungus infections, Infected toenails (from bad pedicures and clipping your nails too short), Infected Blisters, and the dreaded Wart. Otherwise, you need a good scrub, wash, soak, and rub with lotion. Now doesn't that sound good? Set yourself up with these essentials and then set your alarm for 20 minutes, then ENJOY.
  1. Large Basin, Tub, or any deep and wide bowl filled with some soft polished rocks in the bottom
  2. A few towels
  3. Relaxing music
  4. An extra pillow or to lean your back on and another to place on your lap so you can rest your arms on - relax those shoulders and deep breathe!
  5. Mix your favorite scrub in a ceramic bowl and place it near your feet
  6. Have your favorite foot lotion or oil near-by
  7. Bring your Essential Oils of choice
There are many options and recipes for a foot soak therefore I will leave you with one of my favorite sites to peruse through and find one that suits your needs. I will always be here to answer your questions or concerns and to help you tailor a mix especially for you and your condition. Simply, enjoy and relax.
TIP: LEAVE NEAR YOUR BATHTUB at all times.....
  • Glass jar filled with Sea Salt or White Sugar
  • One type of Essential Oil, or a bottle of reputable/organic essential oil mixed tincture
  • Small plastic bottle of oil - Organic Sesame, Jojoba, Grapeseed, or Olive Oil

When scrubbing your feet, to avoid a slip or loss of balance, please sit on the side of the tub.


Open all bottles of oil as well as your jar of salt or sugar.

Grabbing a handful of sugar/salt in one palm (about 1/2 cup)... add 3-5 drops of Essential Oil AND then a few drops of Carrier Oil. With the water running on low, run your free hand under the water, grabbing a small amount of it in that palm....drop small amounts of the water to your other palm holding the scrub - creating a moistening;...JUST enough to see a 'paste' form. Mix it gently with a free finger. Then, get scrubbing - one foot at a time.

You'll feel goosebumps, tingles, even some sensitive areas. Just make sure to cover it all...even your toes, cuticles, nails, heels, and even your shins. Go slowly and don't use too much pressure. Let the scrub do it's work, naturally. Gently. The oils will soon penetrate your tired feet and its healing benefits will be absorbed into your system. Inhale the wonderful Aromatherapy, calming your senses and releasing tension.

After a few minutes, run your feet and hands under the water, or in the shower.



After you have rinsed off, dab your legs and feet dry. Then, rub in the excess oil that is left on the surface. Follow up with a lotion massage.

Feel how soft and healthy your feet are. And, your hands, too!

Breathe and blossom



Thursday, May 20, 2010

May is a month of Change

I want to share a wonderful Mantra that I just read to help guide you through the changes of the month of May. Om Shanti. "OM..let go"....breathe out and let go. Do you realize that we spend most of our lives controlling and projecting into what we want and how we think things should go? So "let go" and find freedom in releasing expectation and desire and allow yourself to simply TRUST. Realize that the more you hold on and try to control you will create more tension and resistance inside and out. Breathe....and blossom. Namaste Melissa Taken from An amazing style of Flow Yoga...a must-try.