Saturday, April 22, 2017

Knowbody Knows, do YOU?

"So, you're a Reflexologist?  Wow!  That's great!  Where exactly do you flex?" 😁 Seriously? 

I inspired to create a comedy routine involving the crazy questions that I receive about Reflexology!  Stay tuned! I'm working on it!

My sessions always allow for extra consultation time in order to listen, gather a history and discuss your complaints and medical history.  You will get comfortable on a massage table (remaining clothed), your feet will be cleansed and then I will take note of the condition of your feet. Trust is the key. I will proceed with a guided breath relaxation so you may center your energy and get used to my touch, while gently settling into a deep state of relaxation. Beginning with your head,  then moving down to your feet, pressure points will be stimulated by my fingers targeting stimulation to all systems of the body/mind. 

In the meantime, the following is a few details about what a professional Reflexology appointment is all about.   
This article helps to explain " What To Expect From a First Reflexology Session". Stay well informed!

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