Friday, October 17, 2014

Today, it's about Yoga

Calling all Toronto Yoga Teachers !
Mr. Gert Van Leeuwen, of Amsterdam (, will be personally attending the The Yoga Conference and Show April 2015. Come by the C.A.T. booth to meet Gert and learn how the healing effects of his Critical Alignment Yoga (through sequencing, therapy and props) is both therapeutic and meditative.
Get a personally signed copy of his book: 
YOGA CRITICAL ALIGNMENT Building a Strong, Flexible Practice through Intelligent Sequencing and Mindful Movement, and learn how his one-of-a-kind props aid in mobilization techniques and can break through movement restrictions and restore mobility.

I am proud to be representing C.A.T. in Eastern Canada. Contact me for more information and keep an eye out for his Workshops and Teacher's Training soon!!

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