Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April 1st and spring is in the air. I always find it amazing how the turn of the season has it's effect on people. The days are longer and the sun is warming up our faces as we start and end our busy days at work. Smiles cross the faces of those whose gaze was down for those long 4 months of the cold windy winter and a spring is in our step as the days grow longer. Today, I was reminded of what it felt like to be a kid again. Remember the days of returning to school after March break and how energized we were knowing that spring was around the corner? Then, when April 1st turned the calendar, so did the practical jokes. We pulled them on everyone including our teachers, parents, friends, and siblings. Now, my co-workers were going all-out on each other and the texts were flying out in the air waves as jokes and schemes played on our most childish naivete. I was privy to one of those such pranks by a friend. I felt so foolish but the playfulness was enticing!! I then turned around and did it to my mother - and boy did she ever fall hard! When I told her that it was just an "April Fools" joke, we burst out in the most belly-aching laughter that brought tears to our eyes! IT FELT SO GOOD! We then reminisced of the days when my brother and I were young and how my Dad would even get in on it! The house was full of laughter and life took on such a light and playful air. My tip of the day/month is enjoy each ray of sunshine and fill your lungs with laughter. Your mind, body and soul with thank you and so will those around you. xo Melissa Breathe and blossom

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