Friday, December 25, 2009

Oh, The Holidays

Happy Holidays, everyone! I love this time of year. The twinkle lights, the smell of fireplaces, and mmmm yes, the sweets! I really appreciate the thoughtful holiday/New Year's wishes and generosity of my clients and friends - as well as my daily encountering acquaitances. No matter what religion or backround that we all come from the hugs were bountiful! It's a shame that the whole world doesn't revolve around this unconditional love on a daily basis. Peace and love to all. Now, let's talk Relaxation & Recreation during the holidays. It is extremely important to be practice mindfulness and find some time during each week, if not each day, to experience stillness. Too often people become tired, depressed, stressed, or ill because they are often working too intensively for long periods of time without finding comfort in their downtime. Interestingly, according to Buddist tradition there are six qualities (or virtues) a person should have if he/she is to lead a healthy life. These are patience, optimism, generosity, wisdom, discipline, and stillness. The most beneficial of these is stillness. There are strong therapeutic effects if you practise being still. Calmness, creativity, balance, greater breath and awareness to name a few. Also, when the mind is clear and calm healthier choices are made. One is able to easily transition into the next phase of their day or evening once stillness is experienced. The days off during the holidays are an ideal time to experience this stillness by unwinding and perhaps exchange a relaxing foot treatment with a partner or family member. Set the mood, change into some loose and comfortable clothing, perhaps even take a long hot aromatherapy bath first. Sit within a comfortable space in a relaxing position. Breathe deeply and slowly. Feel the tension leaving your body with every exhalation. When you feel that your mind is clear, try to focus on a relaxing picture such as a single flower or perhaps just the space between your eyes. Allow the gentle touch on your feet to cradle you in your stillness. Be aware of how calm you are. Now, hopefully, you have the energy to return the favor! (Just not on an extremely full tummy, please!!) Enjoy each moment with your family and friends, or simply time on your own. Breathe and blossom, Melissa

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